Occupational image of geriatric care

Working in geriatric care subjects to a strong change because of the demographic development (the percentage of the elderly increases in our society). Thus the tasks of the caring have become progressively more complex.

The social care tasks are increasingly combined with specific medical and nursing routines related to the deficiencies of many people due to their high ages.

At the same time the range of responsibilities of the professional caregivers changes from a stationary environment of the geriatric care to an ambulatory. Nursing care within people's homes play an increasing role. 

Thus our vocational training aims towards a continuous and all-embracing care of the elderly by maintaining their competence and protecting their dignity and personality. Clients and their relatives are important cooperation partners who are consulted and tutored by the caregivers.

Professional elderly care means to be part of a multi-professional team of medical practitioners, spiritual welfare consultants, social workers inter alia.

Legal requirements

There are different laws, guidelines and recommendations:

  • Care of the Elderly Act (AltPfG)
  • Training and examination regulation for geriatric care
  • Guidelines for vocational training and qualification for geriatric care in North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Recommendations for the practical guide in the training of caregivers for the elderly

Entrance requirements

Intermediate school-leaving certificate or an equivalent qualification and medical and personal fitness for working as a caregiver for the elderly.

Secondary modern school qualification (10 years) or equivalent qualifications or a. have completed a successful professional training of at least two years or b. evidence of a licence as a nurse's assistant or elderly care assistant.

Starting in vocational training is not tied to a minimum age. The probationary period is six months.

Theory and practice

Our vocational training courses consist of a theoretical part with theoretical and practical lessons as well as a practical part.