There is a lot to say about us

Diverse education in health care professions and a broad programme for further education with copious offers for medicine and nursing - this and more is offered by Kbs - die Akademie für Gesundheitsberufe (Academy for Health Care Professions) in Mönchengladbach.

With our shareholder Kliniken Maria Hilf Mönchengladbach we hold a long training tradition, well-founded by modern educational concepts. It prepares our students in a future-oriented manner for working life and encourages the principle of lifelong learning. 

Vocational training
Our aim is a qualified and contemporary vocational training for all domains of health care working. Elderly care, health care and nursing, assistant nurses, operating technical assistant, assistant medical technician in radiology, rescue service - with overall 500 trainee positions we are one of the largest provider of vocational trainings for health care in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Vocational training starts twice a year, March 1st and September 1st. Within the different kinds of vocational training we cooperate with more than 100 hospitals, institutions of elderly care and care services.

Further education
Further and advanced education for the different professional fields in health care are an important addition to our programme. Several advanced vocational trainings, lectures, qualifying training conferences and symposia offer the possibility to upgrade one's education. Examples for nursing include advanced training as ward manager, manager of residential area, nurse for intensive care and anaesthesia, nurse for oncology, nurse for stroke unit, practical trainers and special nurse for wounds.

Integrated degree programme
In cooperation with Katholische Hochschule Nordrhein Westfahlen (KatHo) we encourage an integrated degree programme for a bachelor in nursing sciences. This degree enables working in case-management or nursing specialists amongst other things.

Rescue Service
Now that the rescue service of the fire brigade Mönchengladbach has moved into the new academy building at Kamilianerstraße we are looking forward to offer another important competence. Starting 2014 we plan on intensifying our cooperation with a new vocational training in (critical care) paramedic.

Praxis beyond the limits
Our academy excels in great dedication on many levels. To continuously improve the quality of nursing we started a project for advanced training of care attendants in domiciliary elderly care in cooperation with Caritas in Siberia. Furthermore we are especially proud of our collaboration with the "Leonardo da Vinci" project of the European Union which promotes transnational cooperation in vocational and advanced vocational training by benefitting staying abroad for career or learning purposes.