Why the Academy for Health Care Professions?

We attach great importance to full vocational training of our students. We aim to lead them towards self-responsible learning and working procedures. Teachers and students will work  together on professional nursing and social science concepts based on current evidence. By practical training our students will acquire a qualified, specialised knowledge and social competences based on Christian values: the foundation of a successful start into working life.

Five good reasons:

1. As a modern educational institution we provide high-level education. At our newly relocated academic building an extensive library, online- and group- working places and specialised training areas are available.

2. Qualified vocational trainings in health professions offer versatile career prospects.

3. With further education programmes we encourage individual and career specific development for care attendants.

4. With our shareholder Kliniken Maria Hilf Mönchengladbach we possess accessibility to a hospital of modern, highly professional medicine.

5. Innovative educational concepts prepare our students well-founded and future-oriented towards working life.